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Capital United has created a Redeployment Program designed specifically to satisfy USCIS EB-5 “at risk” requirements (as defined by USCIS in the June 14, 2017 amendment to the Policy Manual), while mitigating the potential legal liability of general partners and managers of NCEs. Our Redeployment Program includes the Greystone First Mortgage Bridge Loan Program, and a New Issue Municipal Bond Infrastructure Portfolio. Capital United’s structure aims to protect all parties until the EB-5 investors can receive a return of capital consistent with USCIS “at-risk” requirements, and uses NES Financial as the redeployment account administrator.

Capital United’s pioneering Redeployment Program allows NCEs to turn the complicated redeployment issue from a problem into a competitive business advantage.  Capital United is a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (RIA), serving as an investment fiduciary to separate investment accounts established for each NCE, with multiple available portfolio options which may be selected by the manager or general partner of each NCE. NES Financial is the exclusive account administrator for every NCE investment account, with full transparency of investment account information to all investors of every NCE.

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We work directly with our clients on a conflict-free basis. We adhere to the Fiduciary Standard as a registered investment advisory firm (RIA), and serve no other interest but those of our clients.  The strategies and solutions we utilize are selected specifically to address the objectives of each client.

For more information about our Redeployment Program and how it can help you please contact:

Scott Fuller
CEO, Managing Director

Brad Stedem 
Managing Director

Tiffany Winkles

Brennan Sim
Senior Vice President

Target returns are not actual returns and there can be no guarantee that such target returns can be achieved. Actual returns will fluctuate based on market and economic conditions as well as the investment decisions of the manager.